Reports: Jal gave ranch million-dollar water discount

JAL - Like many areas in New Mexico, water is in short supply in this southeastern oil patch town of 2,500 people.

In the past few years, city officials have tried to address the matter by limiting water use, including barring businesses from buying city water for industrial use in the summer of 2013.

But between 2012 and 2014, the city gave one ranch an unusual perk — a more than $1 million discount in its water bills. On top of this, Jal continued to sell industrial water to Beckham Ranch, Inc. for six months after the ban went into effect.

Public records indicate that the city gave Beckham Ranch $1.2 million in credits for water billed and charged to this ranch between August 2012 and April of 2014, during an oil boom in southeastern New Mexico.

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