ACA repeal would have big impact on recovering addicts

Lawrence Martinez says driving triggers him back to the dark days of dependency.

“Monday was my first day driving the car,” the Albuquerque father of four said last week, talking about the car he and his wife recently bought, as he sat in a conference room at Albuquerque’s Turning Point Recovery Center. “That was an issue on its own, but it’s working out now. Leaving the house, I get anxiety. Once I get on the road, it’s perfect.”

Martinez has been recovering from a methamphetamine addiction since last July. It was a problem he struggled on and off with for years. Martinez said that in October 2015, he was high on meth when another man violently attacked him and left him injured after a road rage incident. For the next nine months, Martinez said he remained holed up in his home, most of the time high on meth, paranoid that people were after him.

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