Amazon strike highlights strikingly different takes on working conditions inside Shakopee facility

MinnPost photo by Joey Peters

MinnPost photo by Joey Peters

From MinnPost.

By the time a severe thunderstorm hailed down at the end of an otherwise sweltering Monday afternoon, the opposing sides to an hourslong protest across the parking lot from Amazon’s fulfillment center in Shakopee both declared victory. 

“We create a lot of wealth for Amazon, but they aren’t treating us with the respect and dignity that we deserve,” Safiyo Mohamed, one of the rally organizers, said in a statement after the rally. “We are so happy for all the support from the community and from Amazon workers across the world.”

Meanwhile, an Amazon spokeswoman said in a statement that only 15 of the Shakopee warehouse’s 1,500 workers left the job to participate in the strike and faulted “an outside organization” for using the company’s Prime Day “to raise its own visibility,” spread “misinformation” and use “political rhetoric to fuel media attention.”

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