November 2018 Felino de la Peña came to Minnesota from Cuba in the 1940s. He openly supported Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution from abroad. As a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in the early 1960s—during the height of Cold War anticommunism—his views were, needless to say, unpopular. Listen to my story on de la Peña for KFAI radio below.


September 2018 Like many Japanese-Americans of her generation, Sally Sudo was forced to live in an internment camp during World War II. After her brother studied at a military language school at Fort Snelling, her family moved to Minnesota. KFAI's Joey Peters reports.


August 2018 At 14, Bud Nakasone witnessed the Pearl Harbor attacks. Four years later, he perfected his Japanese skills at a military language school at Fort Snelling. Then he served in Osaka during the post-war occupation of Japan and settled in Minnesota. KFAI's Joey Peters reports.


March 2018 I speak with Chad Hartmann on WCCO Radio about my City Pages feature digging inside the Twin Cities' dwindling Scientology movement. The interview begins around the 21-minute mark. 


December 2016 I speak on a panel for KUNM Albuquerque public radio about the top New Mexico news stories of 2016, including my investigation into the state's alleged doctoring of food stamp applications. 

July 2016 TV news veteran Dave Marash speaks with me in-depth about New Mexico's unusual and ongoing food stamp fraud scandal. In this scandal, the alleged fraud involves the state, not the people on food stamps. Listen below. 

July 2016 Santa Fe's public radio station interviews me about the conclusion of a case involving high-profile fraud allegations against officials managing the state's food stamp program. Listen below. 

May 2016 Albuquerque's public radio station interviews me about New Mexico's food stamp crisis and three state officials pleading the Fifth. Listen below.

May 2016 New Mexico PBS interviews me about New Mexico's food stamp crisis. Watch the interview below, which beings at the 4-minute mark. 

September 2015 I speak with New Mexico PBS about the controversy at Albuquerque Public Schools . Watch the interview below

August 2015 I talk to KUNM public radio about the scandal at Albuquerque Public Schools. Listen below.